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My first course published on Pluralsight, Meeting Web Accessibility Guidelines, was updated today to include WCAG version 2.1!

The course will introduce and go over the differences between two major accessibility guidelines, Section 508 and WCAG 2.1, and give you my recommendation on which guideline to choose using real-world reusable code patterns and techniques by retrofitting an existing site to meet relevant guidelines. I'll adequately discuss semantic html, the basis for all accessibility, by demonstrating proper document sectioning, hierarchy and structure, lists, navigation, accessible tables, accessible forms and accessible media, including images and videos. I'll round out the course by talking about Responsive Web Design and mobile devices and the impact they have on accessibility.  All along the way, I will use a live screen reader to demonstrate the before and after each recommendation.

This course is meant for developers, but it is a great primer for anyone wanting to learn more about WCAG.