Personal site to archive accessibility-related learnings, mostly focused on technical implementations.

Speaking & Events


Digital Inclusion: Know who you are working for

As part of Workday's Global Accessibility Awareness Day celebration in 2023, I was invited to speak about the importance of Digital Inclusion. In this presentation, I talk about the importance and impact that companies like Workday and Atlassian have on the disability community.

Workday - Global Accessibility Awareness Day,


ARIA Spec for the Uninitiated

Specs are usually not very fun, but I have learned that reading the ARIA specs is important to fully understand all the various options that are available. In this presentation, I will walk you through the ARIA spec and show you how to make the most out of it to create custom components with ARIA.

TechAccess Oklahoma,


The Secret to Great Innovation

Over the history of time, the most paradigm-shifting innovations have shared a common trait.

Pluralsight Live,

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