Personal site to archive accessibility-related learnings, mostly focused on technical implementations.

UPDATE: This course has been updated to WCAG 2.1. Get more information at Meeting Web Accessibility Guidelines.

After being approached almost a year ago, and with about 4 months of video production and editing, I am extremely proud to announce that my course Meeting Web Accessibility Guidelines (Section 508/ WCAG 2.0) has finally been published on Pluralsight.

In this course, I walk through each of the WCAG 2.0 guidelines and help break down how to meet each one of them. It was no easy task. Producing this video course was extremely time consuming and tiring. There were many late weekday nights and busy weekends spent trying to put this content together. It is definitely the reason that I have not been posting so much here.

The most difficult thing I faced was trying to find real-world examples of bad patterns that I can use to demonstrate the purpose of each guideline. I created a site for Acme Web Design, a fictional web design/ development agency, and proceeded to apply each of the guidelines throughout the site.

One thing I was really concerned about was not misleading any viewers into thinking that by doing everything exactly as I describe will guarantee an accessible site. Even though there are some guidelines that are pretty obvious and repeatable (ex: Level A 3.1.1), I make the point in the introduction that accessibility is a not a checklist or a product to be purchased. For some guidelines, I needed to discuss different solutions to demonstrate that as long as the principles are met then implementations can be different depending on content, context, and usage.

You can check out the course overview on YouTube.

At times I wanted to quit but being on the other side, I am glad that I didn't. I hope I am able to help people create accessible website, making the internet better for everyone. Producing this course has been a huge personal accomplishment and inspired me with creating additional content, so look forward to new things coming soon!