Personal site to archive digital accessibility-related learnings, mostly focused on technical implementations.

Gerard K. Cohen

Over the past decade, Gerard has built and advised top-notch digital accessibility teams that have impacted millions of individuals worldwide. His experience ranges from supporting commercial financial applications responsible for transferring trillions of dollars globally, to enhancing accessibility on pre-Elon Twitter.

Learn Accessibility

Meeting Web Accessibility Guidelines

You don't have to be an accessibility expert to make your sites accessible. This course will help you attain the knowledge and skills to meet web accessibility guidelines and make your sites accessible to all users.


Introduction to Developing Custom Components with ARIA

Set yourself above other front end engineers by learning the core concepts and rules needed to architect and build any accessible custom component with ARIA, in order to provide inclusive experiences for all users.


Accessibility: Testing and Screen Reader Use

This course will teach you different techniques to efficiently and thoroughly test your websites for accessibility, using a combination of testing tools and various assistive technologies like screen readers.


Speaking Events

Shifting accessibility lefter

A massive amount of work has been done over the years to shift digital accessibility from an engineering afterthought to better planning in the design stages. However, there are lots of gaps remaining in other directions and areas to truly achieve full digital accessibility. It's time to move past the focus and responsibility being strictly on engineers.

39th Annual CSUN Assistive Technology Conference,

Digital Inclusion: Know who you are working for

As part of Workday's Global Accessibility Awareness Day celebration in 2023, I was invited to speak about the importance of Digital Inclusion. In this presentation, I talk about the importance and impact that companies like Workday and Atlassian have on the disability community.

Workday — Global Accessibility Awareness Day,
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Latest Writing

VoiceOver and list-style-type: none

With that bit of additional CSS, we are able to return the list semantics for VoiceOver users without needing to touch the markup.


You Might Not Need Web Components

UPDATE June 2018 — I would like to assume that, based on this post/ conversation, Google has updated the checkbox...

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